The Importance of Heroes in our Lives

You would think that for all the posts and work I do for my university education that I would be sick of this.  That typing would have lost meaning and words would be hard to come by. However, lately I’ve been seeing the opposite.  I can’t wait to write and I sacrifice other things, income being one of them, to ensure I have the time to write. Not only time to write, but time to think as well.  So far everything has been such a whirlwind that we rarely get a moment to look back and see how we got to where we are.  More importantly, in my opinion, is to look back and see why we went in the direction we headed.

Heroes are those that can help shape and define our journey. Heroes can give you a sense of where you are headed and why you are heading there. I call them heroes because I admire, look up to, and attempt to learn as much as possible from them.  They are people that will always be a part of my story, the legend of me.  Knowing your heroes is the first step in understanding your journey.  If you know your heroes it can provide a template for what you believe in.  Heroes provide you with a sense of future self “I want to be just like that hero one day”.  When you know your heroes you have created images of what you see in your future self, how you want to act, and why you choose to act and be as you are and will become.  We see the impact of heroes in both positive and negative senses.

Positive heroes, or the more used term role model, create a sense of optimism.  They create a sense that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.  Negative heroes are those that can pull you down and set you on a path of self destruction. It is your choice who you align with.  Are you looking for positive influences? Or are you looking for negative influences? Do you know which is which?  Is only one alignment of heroes available to you?  How do you find the hero you know you want in your life if they are not there current?  These are great questions to ask ourselves, or from an educational standpoint our students.  Becoming a hero is something that I hope every educator is seeking to achieve.  However, finding your own heroes is a necessary part of becoming a hero and understanding what it takes to be a hero.

I know I am on a path to becoming a hero, or at least I feel and think I am on that path.  I do know who my heroes are, lately it could not be clearer, but I also have started to learn what it takes to be a hero.  I’m not sure if my heroes would be comfortable in a shout out so I will refrain, but I find that because of them I do have a foundation created to become a hero.  I understand now that it takes preparation, reflection, patience, and acting on something without the expectation of reward to be a hero.  Heroes must prepare for upcoming scenarios, they must examine things from all angles to ensure everyone is safe.  They must reflect upon their actions to fill any gaps, but also acknowledge the positives that have come out of certain situations.  Patience is needed to remain calm while navigating through an ocean of stress.  Finally, a hero should not expect a reward, they should be motivated by beliefs and values, pursuing happiness.

Who are your heroes? Why did you pick them? What do you think a hero is? What steps are you taking to become a hero, if you choose to be?

Thank you heroes for everything you’ve done for me so far! I am honoured to be learning from you or have learned from you. I know I have a long way to go, but you have inspired me to pursue my dreams and you have given me tools in order to get there.

Thank you for the image!

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