Why I Want to Teach Secondary Math and Science…

…As a middle years trained teacher and why you should hire me as your junior science and math teacher.

Now that first interviews are long done, I find myself reflecting on some of my responses, specifically my areas of preference. Going into interviews I wanted to present a jack-of-all-trades, the super teacher, able to work in any space, any class, teaching any subject. I just want to teach… preferably close to Regina. Upon reflection, I believe I undersold exactly what I want to teach. In part I sold myself the way I did because I just wanted a job. Another part was I really did not know exactly what I want teach.

But now, after almost a month of reflection, I know in my heart what I am called to be as a teacher. So, to every principal, administrator, executive, superintendent, director, hiring personnel, etc., please read on to gain an understanding of why you should hire me as your junior science and math teacher.

Assist in transition from elementary to high school.

Who better to assist those coming from elementary school than one with experience in teaching middle years students. Having worked with grade 8 students in my internship, I have an understanding of their foundation of learning, both academically and socially. Using this knowledge I will have more patience of potential shortcomings, and will have the capability to be flexible in bringing students up to speed with high school curriculum. I want students to develop a passion for math and science, not develop a fear of these subjects as they move forward in their educational journey. Creation of authentic learning experiences will make school engaging, establishing a desire to pursue science and math after grade 10.

Collaborate closer with elementary schools to prepare students for my class.

I wish I had worked closer with the junior science and math educators in our area during internship to ensure I was providing the proper foundation for the students who are to transitioning to high school next year. As the junior science and math teacher I would reach out to elementary school educators and collaborate on the best way of creating lifelong learners in science and math. By building a bridge between elementary school and high school, students can walk into their future with confidence. Educators can be confident that their students are properly prepared for what they are about to experience.

Collaborate with senior instructors to ensure I am preparing the students for their future classes.

In order for students to see more success in the senior level sciences and maths I would collaborate with the senior science and math teachers to ensure I am providing the proper foundation for the more content focused upper year classes. The goal of a junior subject teacher should not just include content, but also provide tools to students so they can feel more comfortable and confident as they move into their senior years. In doing so, I believe we would see drop out rates decrease as the focus becomes student success.

Diverse degree and real life experiences provide significant content knowledge aligned with and beyond the curriculum.

Being middle years trained, my guess is it could be seen as I am lacking content knowledge. This could not be further from the truth. With a Bachelor of Business Education, that includes two years of pre-medicine, 10 years of work experience in the financial and information technology sectors, I have more than enough content knowledge to be successful as a secondary educator. In fact, I have the opportunity to become accredited in math and all sciences, after I have completed my two year teaching requirement.

Drive to establish a computer science and business program, that rivals top programs in the country.

One of my greatest passions in education is technology, specifically computer science. There is no program that we can take in university that can prepare you to be a CS teacher. Therefore, why not hire someone with 5 years of IT experience, that is also trained a teacher! On top of a CS program, I would love to help establish a business education program. Entrepreneurs are going to lead the way of our economy in the near future. Students need the opportunity to learn about the nuances of business, and I have the experience and enthusiasm necessary to create a program that can rival the programs that have existed for many years.

Drive to establish extra curricular opportunities outside of sports, including robotics, programming, and app design.

I am very involved in sports, but I also understand the need for opportunities beyond sports. Using my coaching experiences I would love to create a robotics team, an app or programming team, a marketing team, or any other team that gives students who are not athletic the opportunity to create school pride and experience competitive success.

And much more as can be found on my resume.

If you have read this far thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read this. I have discovered my true passion in teaching, but I want to take this deeper. I now know exactly what I want to do, who I want to be. I want to be a grade 9 and 10 science and math educator and I believe I am the best person for this job because I am middle years trained.

Thank you once again for reading,
David Brown

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