Moving Forward, Never Backward

If you haven’t noticed yet this blog has been updated at a snail’s pace. As a full time, first year teacher, I found it a great challenge to just sit down and write. Moving forward in your educational career provides significant challenges, but moving forward in life provides even greater ones. When my beautiful daughter was born in December, I made a giant leap in life. You have no idea the impacts of parenthood until you become a parent. I have observed my friends for a few years now and kept telling myself “It can’t be that big of change… they should be able to come hang out!”. Well, news flash past David, it does and will continue to be a HUGE change. This directly applies to my teaching career as well.

I will constantly be forced to make tough choices, but in the end it is all the name of family; which to me includes my colleagues, and most importantly my students. I always get funny looks when I talk about “my kids”, until people realize I’m a teacher. My practice is always student first, and will always be student first. If something works for them, we continue it, if something does not, I will reflect on it, and make adjustments to best suit their needs. Interestingly, this is the same way my wife and I have approached parenting. The parallels, I’m finding, are nearly endless.

However, in light of the fact I do have very little time, this blog will be shutting down. As I continue to hunt for the next big thing in my teaching career, I will leave it up as testimony to the incredibly hard work I have put forth as I start my life long passion of parenting and teaching. I want this space to be a symbol of growth, to demonstrate to prospective employers, colleagues, and researchers, that those that are dedicated practitioners of education, should be constantly evolving, and learning. As I sift through these pages I see so many things that I should have done different, but that’s education. We reflect, we adapt, we change.

As my final piece of advice to all budding educators: Find your passion in a field of which passion is always evident. Build your niche, do not sway from doing what you love to do. Become the educator you want to be, not through leaps and bounds, but baby steps. Use the knowledge of those around you to better yourself, never be selfish and try to keep it all for yourself.

To my ADHD peers and friends: You have been given a gift and a curse. Allow yourself time to deal with the negative and ensure you have built support to get through the tough times. Embrace your gift and empower it! By having a solid support network you can, and will thrive. Just because your brain operates differently, does not mean you cannot succeed. It will take strength, persistence, and resilience, but our gift has all of those qualities. Let yourself be free, and never be afraid to be who are!

I have greatly enjoyed posting on a blog and when I am better able to make time for it, I already have many ideas of changes I want to make. I got there through… reflection… #mic_drop.

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