Internship Lesson and Unit Plans

Following the same structure that I completed during pre-internship please find below a list of selections for unit and lesson plans used during my internship.

For internship I utilized Google Drive extensively for organizing my plans and ensuring that no matter where I was in the school, or division, I had access to my content and could easily change it on the fly. Therefore, most, if not all, lessons will be a Google Document. If you are not able to access the links, please reach out to me via Twitter: @everclyr.

Science 8 – Density
– This lesson was early in my internship. Demonstrates where I started as an intern.

Science 8 – Unit Plan – Buoyancy
– This is one of my first unit plans. I made adjustments to this plan on the fly to meet the needs of my students. I am working diligently on making changes to my Density unit to be shared as a professional resource for educators. I wanted to share it now to show the power of Google Docs, I can change versions as applicable. If the changes do not work out, I can revert to a previous version.

Health 8 – Deskapolooza!

– Having desks that students can write on with dry erase markers was a staple for moving away from traditional note taking. Students could write on their desks and then take pictures of the desk after to keep. Would love to incorporate this into class and student blogging in the future.

The growth of my planning, moving to be an efficient and effective planner
– As I proceeded through internship my needs to plan smarter grew as I took on more classes. This is an example of the start of my 3 week block. I moved from single page plans to a daybook which incorporated my lessons.

Math 8 – Number Lines
– This lesson demonstrates my journey with math. Using SMART LAB “Shout it Out” this was a turning point for my math instruction. Providing a technology link was a key to success.

ELA 8 – Descriptive Paragraphs
– Great lesson that demonstrates the use of technology within a subject area that students, and educators, would not normally find it. This lesson was shared with my faculty advisor, Dr. Cyril Kesten.

ELA 8 – The Writing Process

– One of my best lessons that I was fortunate to share with the Principal of Emerald Ridge Elementary School, Mrs. Bev Kowalchuk. Clearly shows the growth experienced over internship as this was the evolution of my single page lesson plan.

Social 8 – Becoming a Refugee
– On December 14th I had the opportunity to visit Ecole White City School with Wendy Ashton. During this time I was given the chance to teach an interactive lesson where students were placed in the shoes, as best as possible without diminishing the real experience, of a refugee. Videos of the lessons! Video #1, Video #2

During this experience I was fortunate to teach many classes in many subject areas. These plans are a small snapshot of the things I was able to accomplish during internship. For more plans, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via Twitter: @everclyr, or Email.

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