Internship Student Works Gallery

This gallery houses three amazing assignments provided to me during my internship at Emerald Ridge Elementary School.  Names have been removed for privacy, but the content remains.

Here are some more assignments that not only made me proud as an educator, but showcase that when students are given the freedom of inquiry what they can accomplish.  So proud of my group of future thinkers!

Science 8 Lab Report: A hands-on activity to discover how buoyancy works. This project scaffolded into the students building boats. Ask to see my pictures of the great experience that my grade 8 students shared with grade 2 students at Emerald Ridge Elementary School.

Health 8 – Supporting a Disney Character: An inquiry activity that evaluated health curriculum concepts of supporting an individual as they work through serious problems.

ELA 8 Holocaust Poetry: This student provided two submissions for this assignment.  Both poems are so moving and had to be shared, such a talented young writer. Submission #1 and Submission #2.

Even though these are examples of exceptional student work, the purpose is to showcase the diversity of assessment, both formative and summative. Students in my internship were provided with opportunity to utilize many different skills and abilities with a reinforcement of reading, writing, and problem solving.

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