3 Week Pre-Internship Experience Lessons

I wanted to share all of my content that I pulled together for my internship experience.  On this page I’ve provided links to the content with a brief overview of what it is and how it was used.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment below!

Unit Plan – Grade 7/8 Inquiry (Social Studies, Health Focus, ELA Cross Curr) – Our World, Our Food, a unit on sustainable food and nutrition.

Portfolio – these pages are in support of each lesson below and encompasses part of the assessment for the unit.

Lesson 1 – This lesson is adapted from an Agriculture in the Classroom activity that provides insight on Food Access and Food Security.  This is a great activity and was well received by the students!

Lesson 2 – This lesson provides students with an opportunity to understand nutritional information and how it factors into making healthy food choices.  The assessment activity, as part of a larger portfolio, is to create a three day meal plan on a restricted budget.  I used student last names to determine random amounts, but any grouping strategy could work.

Lesson 3 – This lesson allowed students to explore the world of inglorious foods. Using the resources in the unit plan, this lesson gets students to create an advertisement to promote the reduction in food waste.

Lesson 4 – This lesson gives students insight on making responsible consumer choices.  Students are provided with a an understanding of responsible consumerism and then must draw a six panel comic page depicting their knowledge of this concept.

These are the four key curricular lessons presented during the unit plan.

Here are some additional lessons that were taught during my 3 week experience:

Math and Career Ed 6/7 – This lesson was a great opportunity to help students gain an understanding of credit and how it can relate to real life decisions.

Math and Career Ed 6/7 Worksheet

Math 7 – This lesson combines treaty education and mathematics to give the students an opportunity to apply math to a real life situation in order to understand and solve problems.

Math 7 Stations and Worksheets


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