Lesson 3 – Math 7

Subject: Math 7
File: Math 7 – Oct 29
Professional Development Plan: Target Sheet Oct 29
Date: October 29, 2014

Students were to learn how to work with percents using a variety of methods.  The students played a game to develop skills surrounding percentages and were to complete an assignment worksheet for assessment.

This lesson was a mixture of successes and mistakes.  In order to present the concept of percentages I used a lecture style format that the students did not seem to work well with.  The game went over quite well, but I felt that the overall objective was missed because the direct instruction portion was not well received.  I would make adjustments to the concept presentation so the game could go over better or bridge the lesson so that the presentation and game are in two different lessons.  Overall the outcomes and indicators were only partially met, which led to a lot of lessons learned for myself.

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