Lesson 5 – Inquiry 7/8 and ELA 7/8

Subject: Inquiry 7/8 and ELA 7/8
File: Lesson Plan – Nov 12
Professional Development Plan: Target Sheet Nov 12
Date: November 12, 2014

Students were to create a KWHL chart to support their learning of Ecosystems presented in this class.  They were then to create a Mind Map, or any other graphic organizer, to complement their KWHL chart.  The outcomes of this lesson were related to Science 7 and ELA 7/8.

This lesson had some bumps along the way but overall was a success. Unfortunately I had stayed on the direct instruction path, as a felt that was what I should be doing and learning to do well.  After the lesson was complete I discovered that is not the case.  I needed to branch out my teaching strategies and tailor them to my class.  In the end the objectives of the lesson were met and the students did quite a good job on their KWHL exit slip: KWHL Student Work

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