Lesson 6 – Inquiry 7/8

Subject: Inquiry 7/8
File: Lesson Plan Nov 19
Professional Development Plan: Target Sheet Nov 19
Date: November 19, 2014

This was a cross curricular lesson delivered during their Inquiry period that touches on outcomes for both Science 7 and ELA 7/8. The students were create an explanation, using technology, for the science activity completed in class regarding compression.  This lesson also laid the foundation for the inquiry project that I created, with support from my cooperating teacher, for assessment of an Ecosystems unit.

This lesson was probably my “TSN Turning Point”.  I taught in a manner that was more comfortable for me and also for the students. I discovered that I am definitely more of a project based approach educator in this lesson.  I love when students can experience learning instead of listening to me ramble on.  In the end the outcomes were partially met.  Students had issues working with the technology as the quality of technology at my school was low and they had never worked with the product I wanted to use for their assessment.  I would get them to create a paper based poster instead of technology in the future.

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