Lesson 7 – Inquiry 7/8, Math 7

Subject: Inquiry 7/8 & Math 7
File: Inquiry Lesson PlanMath Lesson Plan
Professional Development Plan: Target Sheet Nov 26
Date: November 26, 2014

Inquiry: In this class the students were to discover food webs and how organisms relate to each other in an ecosystem.  They were to then further classify the organisms as producers, consumers, and decomposers. For assessment students were to work on their food web that is to be included in their inquiry project.

Math: In this class students were to understand the concepts of adding and subtracting decimals.  For assessment students were provided with a pop quiz.

Both lessons went over quite well.  It was great to see the students interacting so well on their group projects and taking in the new concepts brought up, so they could incorporate them into their project pieces.  However, I discovered I do not like exams, especially pop quizzes.  The exam stress and the surprise of the quiz lead to some very interesting results. Most students did well, but I had some students that usually do quite well, do very poorly.   In the end the objectives were met, but I am very hesitant to assess in this manner in the future.

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Example of Math Assignments

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