Lesson 8 – Inquiry 7/8, Math 7, ELA 7/8

Subject: Inquiry 7/8, Math 7, ELA 7/8
File: Inquiry Lesson PlanMath Lesson PlanELA Lesson Plan
Professional Development Plan: Target Sheet Dec 3
Date: December 3, 2014

Inquiry: Students were to use materials from the gym storage room to represent natural and human created environments.  From there students worked towards Science 7 outcomes surrounding the human impacts on ecosystems.  A informal objective was presented during the lesson to show the impacts of settlers on first nations culture and land.  The students were assessed by having to reflect both collaboratively and individually on what we did and how they could change their behaviours for a more positive impact.

Math: Students were to review adding and subtracting decimals.  The students were assessed through a collaborative worksheet done as a class and then were to correct their mistakes on their pop quizzes.

ELA: Students were to create a concluding paragraph to support their understanding of writing explanations.  This also was to assist them in completing this item as part of their inquiry project which was to be their assessment.

I was grateful for the opportunity presented by my cooperating teacher that I was able to teach an entire day of classes to get a full taste of what a day in the classroom is like.

The inquiry lesson was probably the best lesson, both as a student and teacher, that I have ever been a part of.  To see the students so involved and eager to discover the concepts of the lesson was astounding.  The ability to add in Treaty Education components was an exclamation point on an already successful lesson.  I was in awe of how heartfelt every response was to each question during and at the end of the lesson.  Students greatly exceeded the outcomes of the lesson.

The math lesson had a surprising twist where students from another grade 7 class joined us while their grade 6 counterparts went curling.  With the addition of new students I had to adjust the lesson dramatically and I provided an introduction to circles.  I was surprised at how well I adapted and I was able to discover that my default strategy is direct instruction.   Catching this will help going forward so that I can make adjustments in different manners when called on to do so.  Students have met the outcomes of the lesson.

The ELA lesson was a lot of fun.  We started off with a “Mad Lib” to show the structure of a concluding paragraph.  This lesson showcased my love for interactive learning, but also showed that students are more engaged and take in more information when they are able to participate in the lecture process.  The students then dove into their concluding paragraphs.  The objectives for this lesson were met and students are still working towards the outcomes.

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