Lesson 2 – Physical Education 7/8

Subject: Physical Education 7/8
File: Teaching Games for Understanding
Professional Development Plan: Target Sheet Oct 22
Date: October 22, 2014

Students were to start progress towards SK Curriculum Outcome PE 7.8.  This outcome focuses on making situational decisions surrounding skills, tactics, and strategy to enhance team and individual performance.  The focus of this lesson was on net/wall games.

The students commented on how they enjoyed the lesson because it was different.  Using a non-sport means to teach a concept allowed for students who are typically not strong in sports to participate and learn from the activities. I will use this strategy as often as possible because it reinforces differentiation in physical education.  I also provided them with a written assignment for assessment, which was a first as well for this class. Overall the lesson was a success, but I did forget to include a grade 8 physical education outcome.


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