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ECS 301 – Response to Noddings’ Learning from our Students

This article resonates with my feelings as an educator.  I find that too much time is spent on forcing learning on students rather than assisting them in finding their passions and working with them to develop their skills around these passions. I do, however, disagree that there should be minimal courses available.  Minimal courses would cause students to feel that they not as intelligent as those that are taking non-minimal material.  To combat this educators need to be extremely flexible in the classroom and do exactly as the article states “Learn from their students”.  Tailoring content for the individual would allow students to learn at a pace and in a way that is comfortable to them.  This is not feasible in the current system, but it is something that education should be striving for.

I find that this article supports my thoughts about education.  I think educators need to be more interactive using the tools that they are provided to facilitate learning rather than relying upon them to perform the task of teaching.  As TVs are not babysitters in the home, electronic tools should not be teachers in the classroom.  I greatly support technology in the classroom and when the time comes my goal will be to incorporate digital content in as many ways as possible, but not at the cost of the human element of learning.  I also greatly support collaboration in the classroom.  “Epic Win” moments usually come when one works as part of team and I hope to provide that opportunity whenever possible.

Lastly, I think educators of all types need to focus less on preparing students for the future and more on helping students understand who they are, how they learn, what they like so they can find their future on their own.